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Abbreviazioni - Nomi delle carte

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Fuera de línea
il Ven Dic 10, 2010 1:14 am

ACM : Amazoness Chain Master
AoD : Allure of Darkness
AoJ: Ally of Justice
AZ: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
BfDD : Burial from a Different Dimension
BLS : Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning
BM : BatteryMan
BoL : Book of Life
BoM : Book of Moon
BoT : Book of Tayou
BRD : Black Rose Dragon
Brio : Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
BTH : Bottomless Trap Hole
BW: Alanera
CB : Crystal Beast
CC : Cookie Cutter
CCV : Crush Card Virus
CD / CyD : Cyber Dragon
CED : Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
CED : Compulsory Evacuation Device
CF : Cyber Phoenix
CF : Colossal Fighter
CN : Cyber Naga
CoSR : Card of Safe Return
CotH : Call of the Haunted
CV : Cyber Valley
CVT : Cyber Valley Turbo
DAD : Dark Armed Dragon
DAR : Dark Armed Return
DDA / DDAss : DD Assailant
DDC : DD Crow
DDraw : Destiny Draw
DDS : DD Survivor
DDT : Diamond Dude Turbo
DDude : Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude
DDV : Deck Devastation Virus
DDW : DD Warrior
DDWL : DD Warrior Lady
DED : Destiny End Dragon
DF : Dimension Fusion
DH : Destiny Hero
Diva: Deep Sea Diva
DMoC : Dark Magician of Chaos
DRD : Dark Rainbow Dragon
DSD : Deep Sea Diva
DW : Dark World
EE : Eroi Elementali
E-EC : E - Emergency Call
EfDD / EftDD : Escape from the Dark Dimension
EGR: Eatos Gemini Remotion
EH : Elemental Hero
f/d : facedown
f/u : faceup
FdL : Fedeli della Luce
FL: Fortune lady
FTK : First Turn Kill
GAF : Goblin Attack Force
GB : Gladiator Beast
GK : GraveKeeper's
GM : GrandMaster (of the Six Samurai)
GOD : Gadget Oppression Dyna
GoO : Guardian of Order
GS : Gold Sarcophagus
IA : Ingranaggi Antichi
IEF : Inferno Evocazione Folle
IO : Imperial Order
IRO : Incantatore Rosso Oscuro
IRS : Inferno Reckless Summon
JD : Judgement Dragon
KS : Kristya-Sworn
LaDD / Raida : Light and Darkness Dragon
LP : Life Points
LS/LL : Lightlord/Lightsworn
M/T : Magie/Trappola
Mali : Destiny Hero-Malicious
MBaaS : My Body as a Shield
MoD : Mask of Darkness
MoF : Magician of Faith
MSE : Magical Stone Excavation
MST : Mystical Space Typhoon
MV : Mist Valley
Necro : Necro Gardna
NET : Naga Explosion Turbo
NoC : Nobleman of Crossout
NoE : Nobleman of Extermination
Nor : Sky Scourge-Norleras
Oppry : Royal Oppression
OTK : One Turn Kill
Parmalat: prime material dragon
Plague : Plaguespreader Zombie
PMD : Prime Material Dragon
PoA : Pot of Avarice
PoC: fantasma del chaos
PoG : Pot of Greed
PWWB : Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
Raida / LaDD : Light and Darkness Dragon
RDA : Red Dragon Archfiend
REDMD: red eyes darkness metal dragon
RfDD / RftDD : Return from the Different Dimension
RoD : Ring of Destruction
RotA : Reinforcement of the Army
S/T : Spell/Trap
SC : Synchro-Cat
SD : Stardust Dragon
Sorcio : Chaos Sorcerer
SS : Spell Speed
SS / 6S : Sei Samurai
tatami : Pulling the Rug
TDS/TD : Trap DustShoot
TK: Thunder King rai oh
TRA : Thought Ruler Archfiend
TT : Torrential Tribute
TWRA : The Warrior Returning Alive
WMC : Wave-Motion Cannon
X-Frc : Exiled Force

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